mardi 11 janvier 2011

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A (true) Debian port of OOoLight has been done. Thanks to Matthias Brunet, student à Epitech Paris, who started the work (I continued a bit since ...).

16 locales will be available very soon, and the last one is Danish. Thanks to Peter Leth for the translation. The current full list contains :

  •  ooolight-ar

  • ooolight-da

  • ooolight-de

  • ooolight-en-us

  • ooolight-es

  • ooolight-fi

  • ooolight-fr

  •  ooolight-it

  • ooolight-nb

  • ooolight-nl

  • ooolight-pt

  • ooolight-ru

  • ooolight-sl

  • ooolight-uk

  • ooolight-zh-cn

  • ooolight-zh-tw

=> If you want to test, and even if you want to help us, the process follows.

Step 1 : add this line in your apt-sources.list :

deb testing main

Step 2 : run  apt-get update (as root, or using sudo) 

Step 3 : install the localized version of your choice

e.g. for French version, simply run, as root :  apt-get install ooolight-fr

Next steps : provide languagepacks, split .. (propose your ideas ;)

Similar link (french) : install OOo4Kids with synaptic

Thanks for using OOoLight, and Have Fun !!
Education Project on the wiki blog (french)

Many thanks to Ben Bois , author of the EducOOo Logo

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